Our History

The Headmasters of Selborne College

Pastor Heinrich Muller

Selborne College was founded by Pastor Heinrich Muller, a German settler. The school was then known as the Panmure Public School.

First sporting engagement

The first recorded sporting engagement involving the school took place.

John Young
  • Pastor Muller resigned and John Young piloted the school through an eventful seven year period that encompassed the South African War.
  • The school moved premises to Muir Street.
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Renamed to Selborne College

The school was renamed to Selborne College under Headmaster George Rattray in honour of the Second Earl of Selborne, High Commissioner from 1905-1910, whose Selborne Memorandum became the blueprint for the Union of South Africa.

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The foundation is laid

The foundation stone was laid by Sir Frederick de Waal, Administrator of the Cape, on the present site of Selborne College.

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Two Schools

Selborne Primary became seperate from Selborne College

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War Memorial

On the 8th of November, Sir Frederick de Waal unveiled the magnificent War Memorial which stands in front of the school.

Later that month, the first Ceremony of the Key was held as Prior passed his charge on to the 1925 Custodian.

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George Floyd

Dr Rattray handed over the reins to George Floyd.

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John Perry

George Floyd was succeeded by John Perry.

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Alan Barker

Alan Barker took over from John Perry

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John Stonier

John Stonier took over the reins.

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Tim Gordon

John Stonier was succeeded by Tim Gordon. In Tim Gordon’s final year (1992) the school was awarded with an illuminated address in recognition of the school’s 120 years of service by the East London Council.

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Alan Gunn

Alan Gunn took over as Headmaster. After 21 years of progressive leadership, Mr A.H. Gunn retired.

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Andrew Dewar

Andrew Dewar was appointed and became the first Old Selbornian in the 150 year history of the college.